Von Winnerchamp's Mansion

FBBOS Mansion

Desert (outside of the city)
First appearance

Von Winnerchamp's mansion is a minor location in Fresh Beat Band of Spies.


The mansion is the residence of muscular thief Champ Von Champ Von Winnerchamp. It is shaped like a trophy and is located in the middle of a desert on top of a trophy-shaped rock formation. The mansion is mostly pink inside, and includes many stolen items, such as trophies, expensive television sets and luxurious couches.


The mansion has purple walls with framed pictures of trophies on them. The floors are gray with pink carpeting. The couches are orange and white, and there are many display cases containing trophies in one room. Another room, which is also purple and pink, contains Von Winnerchamp's wrestling masks and wrestling belts.


The mansion is visited in several episodes of Fresh Beat Band of Spies. It was first visited in "Trophy Trouble," and is later visited in "Masked Wrestler" and "Fake Fresh Beats."


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