The Fresh Beat Band


Children's television series
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Country of origin
United States
Season count
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Running time
21 minutes
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The Fresh Beat Band is an American television series originally broadcast by Nickelodeon. It is the predecessor to Fresh Beat Band of Spies, and is live-action rather than animated.


Four band members work together to solve problems.


See this page for a list of episodes.

The series ran for exactly sixty episodes (three seasons consisting of twenty episodes each). It premiered on August 24, 2009 and aired its final episode on December 7, 2013.


The show features four main characters (all of which become major characters in the spin-off). Bo Monkey and Commissioner Goldstar were not present in the live-action show; however, Reed had started out as a supporting character on The Fresh Beat Band.


The four main cast members at the end of the series' run voice characters in the spin-off. Tom Kenny and Keith Silverstein, who are part of the main Fresh Beat Band of Spies cast, did not work on the show.

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