Publisher is a website based on Nickelodeon's Nick Jr. channel and programming block. It has featured a Fresh Beat Band of Spies page since June 2015.


The site features pages for many Nick Jr. television series. Games, videos, printables and more relating to specific shows are accessible from these pages.

Fresh Beat Band of Spies

The Fresh Beat Band of Spies page currently features games and videos relating to the series. Printables based on Fresh Beat Band of Spies are available on a separate printables page.


  • Mummy Museum Mayhem - The first online game based on the series to be released. It follows the storyline from "Mummy Mayhem" and stars all seven major characters.


  • Meet Twist - An introduction to Twist.
  • Meet Kiki - An introduction to Kiki.
  • Meet Shout - An introduction to Shout.
  • Meet Marina - An introduction to Marina.
  • Unstoppable - The song "Unstoppable" plays during various episode clips.
  • Get Your Spy On - The show's theme song plays.
  • Birthday Surprise - Four members of the main cast deliver a Fresh Beat Band of Spies cake to a party.
  • Pet-acular Pals - A compilation of pet-themed clips from Nick Jr. featuring Fresh Beat Band of Spies.
  • Full episodes - Each episode of the series has been released to at some point. They are replaced by new videos periodically.
  • Episode clips - Similarly to the full episode videos, clips from episodes are added to the site and replaced on a regular basis.


  • Band of Spies Coloring - A coloring page featuring five out of seven main characters.
  • Color Twist - A coloring page featuring Twist and the phrase "Sweet!"
  • Color Kiki - A coloring page featuring Kiki and the phrase "I got this!"
  • Color Shout - A coloring page featuring Shout and his catchphrase "Shoutstanding!"
  • Color Marina - A coloring page featuring Marina and the phrase "Time to mix it up!"
  • Color Bo Monkey - A coloring page featuring Bo Monkey.