The following is a list of Fresh Beat Band of Spies characters.

Main characters

  • Twist - The protagonist and the disc jockey of the band.
  • Kiki - The deuteragonist, the band's guitarist and lead singer.
  • Shout - The tritagonist and the keyboardist of the band.
  • Marina - The drummer of the band, as well as a chemist.
  • Bo Monkey - Twist's best friend, a clever monkey.
  • Reed - The Fresh Beats' assistant who supplies them with inventions.
  • Commissioner Goldstar - The spies' supervisor who apprehends villains they encounter.

Recurring characters

Minor characters

  • Arizona Jones - Shout's former idol, a treasure hunter.
  • Bounce House - A wrestler whose moves always involve bouncing.
  • Bull - A bull whom Shout befriends after telling a joke.
  • Captain McPlunder - A world-famous pirate captain from the past.
  • Cheerleaders - Von Winnerchamp's supporters and assistants.
  • Clouds - Anthropomorphic clouds in the "Angry Fruit Racers" game.
  • Cowhands - Various inhabitants of the Old West.
  • Crab - A red crustacean living on the beach.
  • Crow - A bird living in a tree shaped like a pirate ship.
  • Dakota Koder - An aspiring inventor and robotics expert.
  • D.E.R.P. - Dakota Koder's slow-witted robot.
  • Dinosaurs - Prehistoric creatures appearing in a music video.
  • Femur - Arizona Jones' lemur sidekick.
  • Finish Lime - A lime character in the "Angry Fruit Racers" game.
  • First Mate - Captain Arrrgh's right-hand man.
  • Fruits - Background characters in the "Angry Fruit Racers" game.
  • Fuzzy Bumpkins - Squee Z. Dumpkins' pet rabbits.
  • Goldie - Lily's pet pugoodle dog.
  • Green Goose - A wrestler who wears a goose-themed outfit.
  • Hamster Bot - Dakota Koder's only successful invention.
  • Horses - Horses owned by Yi-Haw.
  • Judges - The judges of a television show called "The Wow Factor."
  • Kitty Boo-Boo - A famous cat, whom Bo Monkey is a fan of.
  • Kitty Mittens - The host of "The Cute List," a viral video countdown.
  • Lily's Grandmother - The unseen grandmother of Lily.
  • Loudmouth Lemon - A lemon character in the "Angry Fruit Racers" game.
  • Mojo Fauxhawk - A hair stylist and Kiki's only competitor.
  • Mummies - The inhabitants of a pyramid inside the museum.
  • Nutty Nuts - Savage Strawberry's fans, a group of nuts.
  • Peachy Keen - A peach character in the "Angry Fruit Racers" game.
  • Pee-Wee Kiwi - A kiwi character in the "Angry Fruit Racers" game.
  • Pets - Various pets owned by townspeople.
  • Pirates - Captain Arrrgh's crew members.
  • Professor Dubloon - A professor who has spent years trying to find treasure.
  • Rainbow Raspberry - A raspberry character in the "Angry Fruit Racers" game.
  • Reed Bot - A robot invented by Reed.
  • Robotic Cowboy - A mechanical cowhand.
  • Robots - Various robots entered in the Top Bot competition.
  • Rubberface Rudy - A master of disguise who attempted to frame the Fresh Beats.
  • Savage Strawberry - The villain of the "Angry Fruit Racers" game.
  • Seabirds - Seagulls and pelicans living on the beach.
  • Sindy Sauernotes - The Fresh Beats' childhood rival.
  • Shake Your Bot-y Bot - A robot invented by Lily.
  • Spike - Mojo Fauxhawk's pet dog.
  • Squash - A wrestler who wears a mask shaped like a squash.
  • Squee Z. Dumpkins - A viral video star who once stole townspeople's pets.
  • Three Directions - A popular boy band.
  • Townspeople - Unnamed residents of the town in which the spies reside.
  • Yellow Alien - A small extraterrestrial life form.

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