Cowboys Fresh Beat Band of Spies

Bullwhip Bob
Rattlesnake Red
Wicked Wes
Long John Jones
Charlotte Cheats
Others left unnamed
Male and female
Speaking voices
First appearance

The cowhands are minor characters in Fresh Beat Band of Spies.


The cowboys are background characters residing in a town resembling the Old West, located near the Fresh Beats' city. Two of them identify themselves as "Bullwhip Bob" and "Rattlesnake Red" when talking to Twist and Shout. Three cowhands from the past are also mentioned: Wicked Wes, the most feared of all outlaws in the west, Long John Jones, who was known for stealing long johns, and Charlotte Cheats, a cheating poker player.


The cowhands' looks vary. Most of them wear ten-gallon hats and neckerchiefs, representing the cowboy stereotype.


The cowhands appear in one episode of Fresh Beat Band of Spies, "Wild Outlaw."


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